Are you eager to start your Dutch lessons in the Hague? Are you searching for a place to learn Dutch in an easy and fun way? Do you want to be the one to chose in what way and what topics you will learn? Do you want to have the choice between group or private lessons? Then you are at the right place!

Willem Busnick Taal is a Dutch language course, focusing on its students to achieve their very best results. Wondering if the lessons will suit you? Then go on reading!

Why do I teach Dutch?

I was born in Zaandam in the Netherlands. At my sixth I moved to Russia. After 17 years of living in several countries throughout Europe, I stranded teaching in the Netherlands again. Having lived abroad for so long, I never stopped learning foreign languages. And I always thought there should be a more fun and easy way to learn a foreign language then how we are taught at school.

While studying linguistics, I had developed my own teaching method. I used it at primary schools and for peer students. My students were very excited, we could see the results after the first lesson. After graduating University I have taught at schools both in the Netherlands and abroad.  

How does it work?

The the Dutch lessons are taught in the centre of the Hague.

There are two types of lessons: in groups of 5 – 7 people, or private. During the first free intake lesson we discuss our goals, time-limits and possibilities. We chose either to go with a long-term or a speed-up course. It is up to the student weather to follow a personal or a group course. 

A long-term course is divided into several levels you can find here. It takes about 2-3 months to pass one level. Each level is divided into blocks. After each block there is a test.  After having passed a level, a student passes two exams: a written and an oral one.

For those, who strive to learn the basics of the language, there is speed-up course. It is a 6 weeks high-intensive course, that teaches the basics of speaking, reading and writing in Dutch.

Why choose Willem Busnick Taal?

Learning Dutch can be quite a struggle. It is not only the language that makes it hard. Dutch people refusing to speak their other-tongue to foreigners makes it even harder to practice your skills. And practice makes perfect. At Willem Busnick you simply will not get the chance not to speak Dutch. 

For who is the course?

Basically anyone, who is eager to learn or improve their language skills. One can attend any time of the year. Each course is personalized and fitted for the Dutch NT2 citizenship exam.

Excited? Contact me for your first free lesson